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Mark Grewar


Over 33 years driver training experience resulting in thousands of successful clients in both cars and trucks attaining licenses.

       University qualified (B.Arts.B.Education Studies in Road Safety and Graduate Certificate Road Safety, Diploma Human Services).

Driven and taught over 6 million km in cars and trucks.


I first gained my Instructors’ license in Feb 1987 after spending 26 years in Esperance WA and recognising a need for learner drivers to really understand road rules and handling a car in various conditions and the values of this combination.

I moved from the country region to Perth in 1997 February and was looking for new employment opportunities. I saw an advertisement in the “Sunday Times” which was asking for a driving instructor to work on a commission basis.

It was less than a week later when I was issued an Instructor’s License from the Transport Department in WA. I had completed a 2 hour driving test and a teaching test to see if I was capable of passing on knowledge to learner drivers. Some years later, I wanted to validate and ensure a future in driver training and saw that the industry was going the way of most industries. Accreditation and certification were becoming the norm. In WA a Certificate 3 of Driving Instruction would allow Instructors to bypass a 3 year practical test.

I went many steps further. I gained a teaching qualification at Murdoch university in 2000 and realised it was not for me. I preferred a one on one relationship to my valued students. Recognising this, I focused on completing a personalised and highly specialised graduate diploma/degree course which would ensure and legitimise my career in road safety.

Over 33 years driver training experience resulting in thousands of successful clients in both cars and trucks attaining licenses.

The course I selected was designed for road and traffic engineers to enhance their understanding of the social and psychological aspects of road safety.

I was the first and as far as I know, the only person in Australia to complete this graduate course as a Driver Trainer and I even went a step further, I achieved a Graduate Certificate in Road Safety from QUT.

This means that I have gone to every length to understand the human, environmental, vehicle and social factors in vehicle crashes, I want to know so that I can be a better teacher. I went on to get my Instructors License in Motorcycle and Truck and have successfully taught truck driving for many years also. You get the best qualified, experienced, dedicated and most skilled instructor in Australia to teach you at the best price because I have a passion for people’s learning and the road environment.

These days a driving Instructor needs a minimum qualification of Certificate 4 in Driver Training. However there is also a need for understanding of traffic psychology and human behaviour beyond a simple capacity to score and record progress in a driving students learning process. – a certificate 4 is great – but a degree and graduate degree in both teaching and assessing in a specialised field such as road safety has a significant advantage when teaching learner drivers.





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